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An Honest Look at Israel in the Time of Corona

Updated: May 31

David Horovitz, head of the online Times of Israel, takes an honest look at the Israeli government's and Israeli people's performance during the last few months. While there have been a few mistakes and some things to shake one's head about, overall - especially when compared with much of the world - he finds much to be proud of. We have had 258 deaths in a country of 9 million people which is 1/9 of the per capita total of the USA for example (not to mention harder hit European countries) and the Palestinians have had even lower death rates than us. On this holiday of Lag Baomer, which partly celebrates the end of a plague in ancient Israel, this is something else to celebrate, even if you can't grab your favorite tour guide of Israel and head to Mount Meron to the world's biggest tailgate party.


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