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Found in Israel: A New String Theory - World's 1st Necklace

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Up until a few years ago, everyone believed that beer was first invented some 7000-9000 years ago whether in Mesopotamia (7000) or China (9000). Then archaeologists digging around in caves in Haifa discovered beer production dating back 13,000 years.

Now we have another shocking discovery which is turning things on its head. It appears that people living in what is today Israel, invented string. We actually have what could be the oldest evidence for the use of string, which created, in this case, a seashell necklace. It goes back some 120,000-160,000 years. For more on the story, check out:

Talk about string theory.

As a tour guide of Israel who has visited some of these ancient cave systems, I can only hope that next time I visit I find evidence of something awesome and indispensable to human history such as the first -ever banana slicer. Yes it's real:

Forget seashells. Any chance that this is just petrified pita bread?

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