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Israel is the World's Leader in Water Technology - What's New

Updated: May 31

Israel is the world's leader in water tech. The inventor and world's leader in desalination,

which now produces over 70% of Israel's water, and the top country in the world in recycling water (more than double the second-place country), Israel is constantly innovating. A new national water carrier which connects the 5 desalination plants and links up with Jerusalem is almost finished, to complement the one built in the 1960's which brought water from Lake Kinneret in the north to the south of Israel. Just a few weeks ago, Mekorot, Israel's water authority, even had to fend off a hacking attack from Iran. To find out what's going with these things and more, check out this article written together with Mekorot's innovation czar. https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/using-israeli-technology-to-live-in-a-water-stressed-world-627227

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