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Israel Saves the Life of a 10-Day Old Syrian Baby

As a tour guide of Israel, one of the places my clients love visiting is the amazing humanitarian aid organization called Save A Child's Heart. To date they have saved the lives of almost 5500 children with congenital heart defects around the world, including a huge number of Palestinian children as well as kids from countries with whom Israel does not have formal relations (such as Iraq). They have also trained numerous doctors to go back to their own countries with the ability to handle these operations on site. Visiting the SACH home for these children and doing the mitzvah of bikur cholim, visiting the sick, is nothing more than pure joy. It is almost imposible to pull people out of there to continue our day's itinerary. For more on the organization click here: https://www.saveachildsheart.org/

In this case, Israel saved a child's heart directly (not via the organization). A 10-day old baby boy whose family are Syrian refugees in Cyprus was flown in and immediately operated on at Sheba Medical Center (one of the top facilities in the world) and is now recovering. For more on the story click here: https://www.israelhayom.com/2020/06/12/10-day-old-syrian-baby-flown-to-israel-for-heart-surgery/

And for an important perspective on this, click here: https://www.facebook.com/theimamofpeace/posts/2762617367317267

Shabbat Shalom. Let's increase the peace.

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