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Strange But True: A Jew Playing Hockey by Auschwitz...

Here is something I thought I would never see...

a) a professional Israeli hockey player

b) said player signing a contract to play in Europe

c) the team he is playing for is Oswiecim in Poland

d) Oswiecim is the name of Polish town where the Nazis built a place called Auschwitz

Recap: an Israeli, Jewish guy playing ice hockey by Auschwitz

[I suppose it's better than playing in Kazakhstan (where he has played the last several years), at least according to Borat.]

It's either an incredible opportunity for tikkun olam (healing the world) or a sign that the apocalypse is upon us. You decide. As for me, a tour guide of Israel, I'm just excited we have a national hockey team to root for. Usually they just ask anybody who made Aliyah from Canada if they help out the country and join the squad for a few weeks.

Anyway, the entire crazy story can be found here:

You can watch his highlight reel from last season here:

And hey... it's my 200th blog post :)

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