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The Face of Israel's Mission as a Light Unto the Nations

Updated: May 31

One of the greatest callings of the Jewish people was to be a light unto the nations. This means not only to hold ourselves to a high standard and try to act in an exemplary fashion, but to share our abilities and expertise with the world (obviously there are individuals who missed the memo, but that is the idea).

As Rabbi Hillel said, "if I am only for myself, what am I?" This mandate of tikkun olam, fixing the world, is incumbent upon us all. While there are numerous governmental and non-governmental organizations in Israel which have taken up this mantra as a mission statement, there is one which to me which stands above the rest - the amazing. IsraAID. IsraAID runs projects all over the world in some of the world's poorest areas, from sustainability and self-empowerment projects to rebuilding projects after natural disasters. At 9PM Israel time tonight (2PM EST) there is a chance to join a Zoom call with IsraAID's director of outreach and engagement to see what they are up to, notably their response to the Covid-19 outbreak. You can also just check out their website - and help support a project or maybe even join a team yourself. To register for the call click below...


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