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Tour Guide on Tour: The Grave of Harry Potter

A few months back, I visited the grave of the most famous Englishman ever: William Shakespeare... Did you know he was buried in Jerusalem? Well, this week I managed to go out and find the grave of the most famous English literary character of all time: Harry Potter. And guess what? He is buried in Israel as well!

How are both of these gentlemen buried here? Well, due to the British Army being here from 1917-1948, there were a number of British soldiers killed in action here, both during World War One and the British Mandate Period. Some of them just happened to - quite coincidentally - share their names with famous British personalities, both real and make-believe.

Of course there are some other cool connections. Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who played Harry Potter, is Jewish and has actually played an Israeli in the movie "Jungle." Plus two years ago there was a photo going around the internet of his doppelganger in the IDF. And of course, one of our greatest rabbis was called "Ha-Ari." Ha-Ari was one of the greatest kabbalists of Tzfat, which led the Tzfat candle factory to create of course broomstick Havdalah candles in the Firebolt and Nimbus 2000 varieties.

To learn more about the real Harry Potter who was killed in action in the Arab Revolt in 1939, as well as his gravesite in the British Military Cemetery in Ramle, click here:

To check out my "Tour Guide on Tour" post about visiting the grave of William Shakespeare (and much more), click here:

And get ready, because coming soon I will be rolling out my 2-Day Harry Potter Tour of Israel for fans of all ages of the most famous wizard in history, the boy who lived! Just another unique way to experience Israel from your tour guide of Israel!

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