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100 Years since San Remo - The Conference You Never Heard of but Whose Importance to Israel is Huge

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Two weeks ago an important milestone in world history occurred - and was almost completely ignored by the world media (like most non-Coronavirus things these days). The conference was held by the world powers after WWI to divide up the Ottoman Empire's former territories after its surrender. Israel is often decried as being created by the colonial powers - but we need to remember that it was this conference in April 1920, which ended up creating ALL of the states in our region - Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, etc. It was here that the mandate systems were put into place, and the Balfour Declaration which called for a Jewish homeland in Palestine - went from being a policy paper to enshrined in international law. In fact it was only the Jews who were given political rights in Palestine - which included what would be come Jordan - though nothing was supposed to be done to prejudice the civil and religious rights of other communities. Not long afterwards however, Britain began to counteract the legal terms of this agreement, by cutting off 78% of the land and giving it to create another Arab state (Jordan), and limiting Jewish immigration at the time that it was most needed. For Jews though, this was the first time in 1900 years that the world had recognized their legal rights to their ancestral homeland. The treaty signed 100 years ago still has relevance today, as it is the last legal international document regarding the legal rights to the land of Israel/Palestine, and as such is often referenced when it comes to questions of Jewish sovereignty and rights in all areas of the Land of Israel. To learn more about it, come on a tour of Israel with me your tour guide of Israel - or at least - check out the article below and watch some of the videos embedded within.

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