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"Annexation" Update: Much Ado About Nothing?

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

So for everyone wondering about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's great declaration that on July 1 Israel was going to "annex" or "apply Israeli sovereignty" to parts of the area know alternatively as Judea/Samaria, The West Bank, and/or the Occupied/Disputed/Liberated Territories, this post is for you...

A week has now come and gone and - as I predicted in my previous post about it - nothing has happened. Netanyahu's modus operandi has been to kick the can down the road; he is a caretaker not a visionary (which makes him disliked by both the Israeli left and the right). Even the Palestinians understand this and either aren't even mustering a protest because they know nothing will happen - or they know [sadly?] it doesn't change anything (for better or worse).

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Here were my previous thoughts as well as articles I posted on June 28 before the deadline:

Here are some new articles from various viewpoints, since the deadline has passed:


Israeli views: - a big policy paper on why, how and the legalities of applying sovereignty

Arab world:

Palestinian Response: - about the lack of Palestinian protests

(graph from the end of May)

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