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Best Shofar Video Ever!

Tonight begins Elul, the Jewish month prior to Rosh HaShana. In order to awaken our souls, the shofar is traditionally blown not only on Rosh HaShana (when we hear 100 blasts of the shofar) but each day during Elul leading up to the Day of Judgment.

Some people are getting in the mood already, by searching for the sounds of the shofar in non-traditional places. As a tour guide of Israel, I don't know if we have animals in our zoos that are as skilled as these ones below, but I promise to look into it. I will say that it with Covid-19 around, many shofar blowers are finding ways to put a seal on their shofar. Well, this takes that to an entire new level...

Chodesh Tov (a good month) and Shana Tova (a good year). May you all be inscribed in the Book of Health, Happiness, Success, Sustenance, Joy, Love and Life.

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So without further ado... Ladies, gentlemen and everyone else...

I present to you the Award for Best Unintentional Shofar Blower Ever!

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