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How to Stop a Plague? Eat it. Protein Power!!

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

In 30 years as the global population is expected to reach 9 billion people and the demand for protein is expected to double, the world will be looking to find alternatives to the meat industry (which create 25% of the greenhouse gasses in the world - the #1 source). And an Israeli company called Hargol has an answer: grasshoppers (aka - locusts - from the 10 plagues).

On my most recent Israel tech tour we were able to meet with the founder of the company (who appears in the first video below), who explained that other alternative protein sources

had major limitations: algae was expensive and had heavy processing, cultured meat was years away from being commercially viable and crickets have a very distinct smell and flavor (and are not kosher). Grasshoppers, however, have a neutral taste and are up to 70% protein, all essential amino acids and are very low in saturated fat (crickets have 20% less protein and 3 times more saturated fat and cholesterol. Plus, as a bonus, they are kosher according to the Torah, though the tradition of identifying the kosher ones has only been passed down through the Yemenite and Moroccan Jewish communities. On top of that, it's what John the Baptist used to eat, along with some date honey (the honey in the "land of milk and honey").

Hargol has managed to create year-round (as opposed to seasonal) farming and reduce the egg hatching period from 40 to 2 weeks so that they can be mass produced. And just what are they making with them? Check out the article and video below along with a recipe :) Now in addition to visiting them on my Israel hi-tech tours, I may need to start adding them to my Israel culinary tour as well.

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