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Jerusalem Day Concert Online Tonight (Israel Time)

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Tonight in Israel begins Jerusalem Day. For those unaware, Jerusalem Day is the day on the Jewish calendar which marks that day in the Six-Day War when the IDF liberated the Old City of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount and the Western Wall from the Jordanians who had illegally occupied it (and annexed it) in 1948. The residents of the Jewish Quarter had been ethically cleansed in 1948; given 1 hour to pack and leave the city. For the next 19 years, Jordan, ignoring the armistice agreement signed in 1949, refused to allow Jews (and Christians) to enter the Old City to visit the holy sites [not a lot of work for a tour guide of Israel in those days]. As such, this day is a major event, though unfortunately, due to politics, some of the well-known commemorations have been co-opted by the Israeli right wing [for the record, I also have my criticisms of the yearly Rabin assassination commemoration which has been co-opted by the Israeli left-wing].

Tonight, however, there is going to be a concert with some of Israel's brightest stars. Even if you don't know Hebrew you may enjoy the music and will definitely enjoy the atmosphere as it is to take place below the lit up Old City Walls. The show will start late here - at 1055PM - so just keep in mind that we are 7 hours ahead of EST/EDT.

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