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The Conflict in the Middle East; Not What You Think

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

As a tour guide of Israel, here is an exercise that I do when explaining geopolitics...

Close your eyes and picture the conflict in the Middle East. All too often people think about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict when the truth is that our struggle, while protracted, is actually quite a low-intensity conflict. We are a drop in the bucket when it comes to casualties (if not animosity) in comparison to the wars raging around us at any moment in time.

Historically, just think of what has gone on recently in the Middle East. Iran-Iraq War. Afghanistan vs. the USSR and the USA. Civil wars in Lebanon, Syria, Algeria, Libya, Yemen and more. Revolutions, uprisings, coups, invasions... the list goes on and on. We even fight over hummus! The entry for "List of modern conflicts in the Middle East" on Wikipedia [20th and 21st century] netted 92 rows! And yet, Israel barely features on the list.

Now the excellent writer and researcher and analyst Seth Frantzman has put together a who is currently fighting whom in the Middle East. I think you'll quickly realize that Israel has almost nothing to do with the vast majority of the region's issues, and not only that, is completely unaffected by them. We don't live in a war zone, despite what the world might think. We are in the top 10 in life expectancy in the world!

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