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What is the Blue Line? A Look at Israel's Northern Border

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Just recently we marked 20 years since Israel pulled its troops out of the security zone in

South Lebanon (a buffer against the numerous terror attacks that had emanated from that territory). The Israeli border with Lebanon - actually an armistice line dating from 1949 known as the "Blue Line" - has been completely quiet since then, with the notable exception of course, being the Second Lebanon War in 2006. That doesn't mean things haven't been going on over there, but rather that the civil war in Syria has occupied much of the region's attention. With that winding down, here is a look at where things stand. For now though, all is quiet on the northern front and hopefully will continue to stay that way - as a tour guide of Israel, the north is probably my favorite area of the country :). Check out this article (a security assessment) as well as the video below about Israel's history with Lebanon and the Blue Line in particular. Again, just to reiterate, all is quiet, but if you want to learn more....

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