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Iran's Parliament Has Passed a Law Essentially Turning the Islamic Republic into the Amish Republic

Updated: May 31

Ah Iran. It wasn't enough that on behalf of Al-Quds Day (Jerusalem in Arabic or "The Holy")

they called for a "Final Solution" to destroy Israel (and hack hundreds of Israeli computers with pictures of Tel Aviv burning), they decided to join the fun and self-destruct as well. That's right they unanimously passed a law banning "any cooperation” with Israel — specifically including the use of Israeli computer hardware and software — as a crime against God." Well, Times of Israel Editor David Horovitz and Start-Up Nation author Saul Singer decided to take them at their word and help them start up that time machine and head back to the pre hi-technology age. That's right, it's a list of all the things they will now legally need to give up if they want to comply with their own laws and rid themselves of pretty much all modern technology (i.e. "become Amish"). Maybe some of the Iranian mullahs need to come on a hi-tech tour of Israel with me to see just what they have done to themselves!

Check it out here:


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