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Jerusalem by the Numbers in Honor of Jerusalem Day

Updated: May 31

The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research released this year's statistical yearbook, just in time fo the Jerusalem Day holiday which begins tonight (for more on the holiday see my last blog post here: https://www.tourguideofisrael.com/post/jerusalem-day-concert-online-tonight-israel-time.

A few highlights:

  1. Jerusalem now has 919,400 residents, over 100,000 more than just a few years ago and is twice as large as Tel Aviv (the city, not the region).

  2. Jerusalem now has the most hotel rooms of any city in Israel.

  3. 405 hi-tech companies operate in the city - yes, Jerusalem - boasts one of the top 10 tech eco-systems in the world.

  4. The number of people from Tel Aviv commuting to work in Jerusalem increased by 43% this past year whereas there was no change in the opposite direction!

For more, including social economics, demographics, gender issues, etc., check out the full article here: https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/jerusalem-continues-to-grow-haredim-and-arabs-strong-in-citys-workforce-628425. Or you know, just come visit your Israel tour guide here in Jerualem and see for yourself :).

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