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Palestinians Reject 16 Tons of Medical Aid Because it Came Through Israel

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Proving yet again that the kleptocratic Palestinian leadership cares nothing for their own people and would rather see them die if it scores points against Israel, the Palestinian Authority rejected this week 16 tons of medical aid, including 10 ventilators, because it came via Israel. The United Arab Emirates, which does not have official ties with Israel but has been warming up to Israel due to their shared concerns about Iran, organized a cargo plane to fly the aid to Ben Gurion Airport and then on to the Palestinian Authority. [Iran by the way condemned this aid to the Palestinians as treachery.]

The trip was organized with the World Health Organization and Israel but apparently not with the Palestinian leadership, leading them to think that they were being a "tool in normalization" between the UAE and Israel. While obviously somebody forgot to include them in the memo, having a hissy-fit while people are dying is a bit irresponsible. So the Palestinian leadership looked the gift horse in the mouth and sent it back.

[Note: They did accept an 800-million shekel loan (likely not to be repaid) from Israel this past week while declaring they would no longer cooperate with Israel.... Let me know when you've figured out the Middle East.]

Hopefully one day they will actually have a worthy leadership, for both their sake as well as ours. For the full story click here:

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