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What are the 10 Most Iconic Archaeological Sites in Israel?

Updated: Jun 21

Do you dig Israel?

Do you think you know your stuff?

Someone (not an Israel guide) made their list of what she believes to be the 10 most iconic archaeological sites in Israel. Think you can guess what she chose?

I'll give you 2 hints: one is that ancient Jerusalem counted as one entry in total and that UNESCO sites are likely to make an appearance.

As a tour guide of Israel, my top ten and my next ten are below the photo.

Good luck :)


My Top 10: Jerusalem, Masada, Caesarea, Biblical Tels of Megiddo/Hazor/Gezer, Akko, Qumran, Bet Shean, Tel Dan, Nabatean Spice Route Sites, Maresha/Bet Guvrin.

My Next 10: Caperneum, Tzippori, Herodium, Desert Tels of Arad/Beer Sheva, Carmel Caves, Rugum Hiri, Medieval Castles of Montfort/Belvoir/Yechiam/Nimrod, Banias, Jaffa, Lachish.

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