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Throwback Thursday - A Coin from the Bar Kochba Revolt Found in Jerusalem in Time for Lag Ba'Omer

Updated: May 31

For only the 4th time, a coin from the Bar Kochba Revolt in 132-135CE/AD which states "For the Freedom of Jerusalem" has been found in the Holy City itself. This is notable because the Bar Kochba revolt did not actually succeed in taking Jerusalem so the coin was minted elsewhere and brought in later. It was found in the Jerusalem Archaeological Park which spans the area of the Southern Wall and southern part of the Western Wall; it's a site in which I often tour with my clients and many of you may remember it well. As the Lag Baomer holiday tells the story of this revolt, it is notable that it was found not long ago - and of course the timing of the announcement was delayed a bit to coincide with the holiday itself. For more on the discovery, check out the article below and/or watch the video.

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