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Welcome to My New Site

So, we are all stuck at home. For me, it means I have only left my apartment 5 times in the last 2 months just to get some food. Tourism is shut down and all my bookings have been cancelled from March-June and after that it is anyone's guess. The plus side, besides losing 10 pounds due to not eating at hotel buffets and restaurants, is that I have had the chance to do many things for which I never seemed to have the time. A major one was creating this website (and by extension this blog) using Wix, the incredible Israeli do-it-yourself website creator. [Shameless Plug: I have had the pleasure of visiting their HQ at the Tel Aviv Port on one o my tech tours to Israel.] I hope that you will enjoy checking it out and will follow along with my adventures (which could be your next adventure) on my blog. Of course I will be greatly appreciative if you could share the site with your friends and colleagues.


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